Monday, December 14, 2009

Ah, Motivation, how you mock me . . .

Well, I continue to weed through my magazine collection - it's amazing how little I really needed most of them. Sure - there is a recipe here, an exercize there that I would love to recall or actually USE (ha ha ha, right) later . . . but mostly it's just intersting tidbits I read, find facinating and then quickly forget. Apparently, my brain is better at clearing mental clutter then I am at clearing physical clutter.

Also, it has been a month full of Christmas in our household . . . last week was mostly devoted to decorating, this week is filled with baking and planning menus. Yesterday we made Chocolate Lacies and Swiss Cinnamon Crisps . A word about the cinnamon crisps . . . these things are seriously addictive. This was our first batch ever and we have already declared them the Greenwood Family's Favorite Cookie EVER. Seriously. That's saying something. Getting two adults and 3 children to agree to ANYTHING is miraculous in itself, but these . . . wow. Try them. NOW.

Yesterday we also made the dough for ice box sugar cookies and cream cheese thumbprint cookies - both of which will be baked tonight. On deck for tomorrow is julekake, a tradition in my husband's family. With all this baking, I find it easy to go into info overload - so many blogs w/ so many delicious looking recipes to try . . . so few days left until Christmas.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

A Confession . . .

My life is too cluttered with help. What do I mean by this? Well, I am a self-help junkie. I have tons of books on how to be a snappy dresser, a gourmet cook (while still cramming in the requisite amount of healthy grains and produce), a financial whiz, a buff goddess (so I can look good in all those snappy clothes), an interior decorator, a bon vivant, and still earn the title of the "World's Greatest Mom". And if you move on from the bookshelf, you will find a regular periodical library - magazines on parenting, cooking, make-up, exercise . . . because, really, who has time to read an entire book these days? Let's not even discuss the myriad of bookmarks in my FireFox favorites file for the tons of blog articles I have read and wanted to remember and have never checked again. Too Much.

Do I think there is something wrong with me? Well, not really - no more than that average woman, I am willing to wager. But don't we all want to be "that woman"? You know the one - who keeps her house, car and life immaculate, despite her 1.5 perfect children. Yes, she is a myth. And all the info in the world won't make me "that woman". But there is something soothing in thinking that a little bit of perfection is attainable. So the clutter of perfection collects and piles up in my life - a constant reminder of what I have yet to achieve.

Well - no more! Am I going cold-turkey? No way! I still need my blog carnivals, after all. But it will no longer take over my home. I am clearing it out - starting with the magazines. In what is sure to be a longer task than I am anticipating, I am making it my mission to go through all my magazines, read what I want from them, then toss them in the recycle bin. Sounds so easy and so small - but believe me when I say this is a Herculean task I have before me. Wish me luck.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I LOVE Naked Juice!

Ok, anyone who know me knows this: I am a HUGE fan of Naked Juice . . . especially their Green Machine . . . mmmmmmm! Yesterday, I discovered a new flavor of Naked Juice: Chai Spiced Cider. I am a big fan of apple cider, but I am usually pretty leery of things marked "chai flavored". They tend to be to strong for me in the spice department. So I bought this flavor fearing that I may have found the one variety of Naked Juice I absolutely hate . . . WRONG! OMG, love, love, LOVE this stuff! It's a perfect blend of spices that isn't overwhelming. If you liek spice cider, you love this - delicious! Highly recommended!